Архив за Апрель 2013

share backend (G) This option specifies the backend that will be used to access the configuration of file shares. Traditionally, Samba file shares have been configured in the smb.conf file and this is still the default. At the moment there are no other supported backends. Параметр определяет backend (механизм для хранения информации), используемый для доступа […]


server services (G) This option contains the services that the Samba daemon will run. An entry in the smb.conf file can either override the previous value completely or entries can be removed from or added to it by prefixing them with + or -. Параметр содержит сервисы, запускаемые при старте Samba. В файле smb.conf можно […]


Samba 4 AD DC на Ubuntu Server 12.10 с Bind 9.9.2-P1 в качестве DNS. Список команд из видео. sudo su — /etc/init.d/apparmor stop update-rc.d -f apparmore remove aptitude remove apparmor sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade vi /etc/network/interfaces /etc/init.d/networking restart vi /etc/hosts samba.samdom.example.com samba cat /etc/hosts echo samba.samdom.examle.com > /etc/hostname cat /etc/hostname reboot […]

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