ntvfs handler (S) This specifies the NTVFS handlers for this share. Note that this option is only used when the NTVFS file server is in use. It is not used with the (default) s3fs file server. Параметр определяет используемый на общем ресурсе NTVFS обработчик. Заметьте, что этот параметр применяется только в том случае, если вы […]

ntp signd socket directory (G) This setting controls the location of the socket that the NTP daemon uses to communicate with Samba for signing packets. If a non-default path is specified here, then it is also necessary to make NTP aware of the new path using the ntpsigndsocket directive in ntp.conf. Параметр определяет путь к […]

nbt port (G) Specifies which port the server should use for NetBIOS over IP name services traffic. Параметр определяет порт для трафика NetBIOS поверх IP. Eng. Default: nbt port = 137

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nsupdate command (G) This option sets the path to the nsupdate command which is used for GSS-TSIG dynamic DNS updates. Этот параметр определяет путь к команде nsupdate, используемой для GSS-TSIG динамического обновления DNS. Eng. Default: nsupdate command = $prefix/sbin/nsupdate -g

nbt client socket address (G) This option allows you to control what address Samba will send NBT client packets from, and process replies using, including in nmbd. Setting this option should never be necessary on usual Samba servers running only one nmbd. By default Samba will send UDP packets from the OS default address for […]