krb5 port (G) Specifies which port the KDC should listen on for Kerberos traffic. Устанавливает номер порта KDC для прослушивания трафика Kerberos. Eng. Default: krb5 port = 88

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kpasswd port (G) Specifies which ports the Kerberos server should listen on for password changes. Параметр определяет порт, прослушиваемый сервером Kerberos, для изменения пароля. Eng. Default: kpasswd port = 464

kernel share modes (S) This parameter controls whether SMB share modes are translated into UNIX flocks. Kernel share modes provide a minimal level of interoperability with local UNIX processes and NFS operations by preventing access with flocks corresponding to the SMB share modes. Generally, it is very desirable to leave this enabled. Note that in […]